Day 2.41 – Paperwork

I have workman’s comp mileage paperwork to fill out every day I have a doctor’s appointment (which has been every day of the week for the past few weeks); I’ve been slacking lately and had two weeks worth to catch up on, Sushi is unimpressed.




Day 2.37 – Seriously, This Blanket

It’s taking over my life. Not only is it big enough for me to burrito myself in AND have left over to cover Sushi, it’s probably the softest thing I’ve ever owned (with the exception of this one blanket that my best friend’s mom got me as a college graduation present. It’s faux fur on one side and it snaps up kind of like a jacket. It lives in my storage unit, a prize awaiting me for when I get back on my feet again). It’s been raining pretty steadily all day, with occasional downpours, so after my physical therapy I came home, put my leg up, grabbed the ps3 controller and we hunkered down for some good old Netflix binge-watching. Good dog.


Blanket of Awesome