Day 2.14 – Vaporizer Dreams

Usually, I like my room to feel like an igloo before I feel comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep. The past few nights, I’ve had the vaporizer running (and the ceiling fan) and it has been awfully warm in my room. Much to my surprise, I’ve been sleeping pretty much all day. I’ve been up twice, once to let Sushi out and once again to let her in shortly after–she’s been enjoying the jungle-like humidity in my room as well. This is how we’ve spent our day …


Vaporizer Dreams


Day 2.11 – HAWT

I’ve been feeling like absolute crap today, I’ve had a head cold for some time now and it seems like it’s turning into something more. I woke up feeling feverish and can’t do more than walk to the kitchen and back to my room without feeling exhausted a clammy. I had to go to the post office, so I dressed up like a normal person and hid my crazy hair under a beanie. Here’s to crawling back into my jammers and curling up with Sushi for the rest of the day.




Day 2.10 – Sorry Spoon

Whenever Sushi is being a little shit, whether she’s not listening to me and running around in the street or stomping on my boobs just as I’m trying to fall asleep or eating trail mix that doesn’t belong to her, etc. OR whenever I talk with my hands and accidentally smack her in the face or step on her toe or leave her water dish unfilled for a few hours, we have what I’ve come to call a “sorry spoon”. It’s really just me grabbing her into a hug and giving her belly rubs so she won’t run away. Contrary to what this picture shows, Sushi likes it. Promise.

*DISCLAIMER* I just realized that I’m wearing the same hoodie as in yesterday’s picture. I swear I’ve changed my clothes since then. Well, actually, those are the same pants too. I promise I changed my underwear and my shirt!

Sorry Spoon


Day 2.9 – Standing in the Rain

Sushi HATES the rain. She doesn’t like getting her paws wet. Or her head wet. Or her back. Or her tail. I don’t like her getting wet because she stinks to high heaven, even more than she normally does. Even when I get the umbrella out, it takes some coaxing getting her into the yard. And by ‘getting her into the yard’ I mean I carried her into the yard and repeated “please go potty” over and over again.


Standing in the Rain


Day 2.8 – Thin Mints and John Rambo

A Girl Scout from around the neighborhood came a’knocking on our door this afternoon and while Dad had the willpower to turn her down, I did not. I restrained myself from breaking into them for a few hours, then couldn’t take it any longer and tore open the box during the climatic, explosion-fueled end of Rambo III. I love it when AMC has movie marathon Sundays!


Lazy Bone Jones