Day 316 – Graphic

Settling down tonight with a good graphic novel and a snuggly Sushi.



Day 315 – A Christmas Moose!

Yes, my parents have a stuffed and mounted moose head on the wall in my room. Yes, it’s stuffed as in stuffed animal. Yes, they did it to make me feel more ‘at home’ when I moved down from Montana. Yes, I absolutely love it. Yes, I am most definitely their demented offspring. Yes, I put Christmas lights on it. Yes, sometimes Sushi gets jealous when I pet it.


Day 313 – A Girl and Her Dog

Took some more family photos today, but it was just for Sushi and I. Two different Christmas cards are being sent out; once everyone receives theirs, I’ll post them on here. Below is one of the outtakes from today, but I am so in love with it! I feel like it sums up our relationship really well; she’s off in her own little world and I am calmly exacerbated from trying to get her to listen. She fills my heart with such joy and I am hoping to spread that joy to friends and family this Christmas!


Christmas Pose

Day 312 – Family Fun

Since I am in California for Thanksgiving (as well as my birthday) for the first time in 6 years and home for Christmas for the first in 2 years, my mom wanted to get new family photos. We all have some crazy schedules so it wasn’t working out to book a photographer, so she asked me to step in. I was secretly thrilled and seriously nervous! I’ll be 27 next week and I still have the overwhelming urge to make my mama proud. So I set up the shot, told everyone to smile, hit the timer and speed-walked towards them. Well, my knee is still all hobbled, so it was more like a handicapped frolic. It went well and we had a great time together! The situation may not be ideal for where I thought my life would be at this point in time, but I am LOVING being home for the holidays.


Family photo!